“The job of the District Attorney of Northampton County is unique in its double duty. District Attorneys are not only managers of a large office, but they must also maintain a caseload that involves taking to trial the highest profile and most difficult cases. The District Attorney must be skilled in the investigative process so that criminal charges They approve are founded in evidence and based on truth. We must ensure that those committing  serious crimes within our community are brought to justice, and that the innocent are protected.

For over 32 years I have advocated and worked  to ensure that everyone’s rights are protected. We have constantly moved forward with our participation in such programs as our Mental Health Court and Drug Court.  I was instrumental in the formulation of our county wide Drug Box Program. And, since its institution, we have actively supported our Police Assisting in Recovery Program (PAIR) program. We have also expanded our pretrial diversionary programs to divert cases involving certain non-violent felony offenses, out of the court system. In so doing, we give first time offenders the opportunity to be productive citizens, thereby reducing recidivism.” - Terry

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